Welcome to Best New Worship Songs! We offer new worship songs, music and worship resources from Dove Award winning and Christian Music chart topping songwriters. Free worship resources (worship chord charts, MP3 demo, worship song lyrics) for worship leaders, worship teams and church worship. ¡Bienvenidos! Haga clic aquí para español.

“There Was Jesus” – En Español

“Jesus Estaba” is the Spanish version of the popular Zach Williams / Dolly Parton duet, “There Was Jesus”. Chords and lyrics available here.

“It Ain’t Over Yet” – Worth It Worship

“It Ain’t Over Yet” was written by Dove Award winning songwriter Paula Stefanovich and Steve Marshall. This praise and worship song is resonating with congregations with a great message of encouragement!

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“You Are Still Father” – Worship Resources

Worship resources are available for “You Are Still Father”, a message about the greatness of God’s love. Worship Resource Download

“Under Your Beautiful Wings” – Spring Hill Worship

“Under Your Beautiful Wings” was penned by Dove Award Winning & Nominated songwriters Benjy Gaither and Mark Gersmehl and is one the new releases available in March featuring Tim Fugatt.

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Watch the Official Lyric Video on YouTube.

“Covenant Decree” Worth It Worship LIVE

The Worth It! Worship Conference was held in September 2018 in St. Louis where live performances of new worship songs were performed. “Covenant Decree” was written by Dove Award Winning songwriter, Paula Stefanovich.

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“Forever You Are God” – Spring Hill Worship

“Forever You Are God” is one the new releases out in January 2019 by Spring Hill Worship, featuring Tim Fugatt.

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“Bring It All” – Spring Hill Worship

“Bring It All” is an invitation themed worship song released November 2018 by Spring Hill Worship featuring the vocals of Tim Fugatt.

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Best New Worship Songs – Spotify Worship Playlist

Follow this Best New Worship Songs playlist on Spotify. Constant updates of favorite worship songs from Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Bethel Worship and others, plus undiscovered new worship songs.

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